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The Little Big Friends adventure started with a team trip to Asia.

It was inspiring to see so many different products and materials! We discovered a soft, beautiful material that was used on some of the unique gifts – so we had to bring one home with us.

With this new material for inspiration, we needed an innovative concept: a unique product that would be pretty, fun and easy to care for.
Could we use this material to make a music box? Good luck.

But we decided to accept the challenge - we decided to make the first soft music box!
That is how Vincent the elephant and the Little Big Friends were born.

Who we are

Who we are

The Little Big Friends are adorable soft animals available in a whole range of characters designed to amuse and delight toddlers.

The Musical Animals are soft music boxes, where each animal plays a different melody.

Their mini versions, the Tiny Friends rattles, are collectible for infinite play possibilities!
They are so cute and stylish that they fit perfectly in any nursery.

The Pull-Along Animals are fun companions on wheels that can accompany baby on his first adventures!

Our friends from the Jungle, the Farm, the Forest, and the Ocean can also be found on large, soft, activity-rich play mats, pretty wooden arches, activity spirals, play balls and activity cubes.

And this year, The Little Big Friends universe is expanding with The Dino World!

Little Big Friends Quality

Little Big Friends Quality

We carefully design each of our products to have educational value for your baby.
Each element of the spirals, cubes or arches must be entertaining and pleasant for baby to handle.

All of our products are tested and comply with all current toy safety standards.

Little Big Friends animals are easy to clean with a simple damp cloth.